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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 3, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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neighbors out there realize it and they see the are not coming to their aid. charles: thank you guys both very much. always appreciate your expertise on the show and we appreciate you watching every night at 6:00 p.m.. up next lou dobbs, he's the man. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs and let me begin by saying what a presidential campaign we have. tonight the clinton campaign must be ecstatic. according to the newest "fox news poll"'s hillary clinton has opened up a 10-point lead over donald trump, four-point improvement over the course of one month with polling and what the poll shows both candidates tied and mrs. clinton has improved in unfavorables and her honesty and trustworthiness. in late june, 66% of voters believed she was not honest and not trustworthy. now 61% say she is dishonest and
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the clinton camp has other reasons for joy. you have heard of split tickets are that usually refers to voters splitting their ballots but in this case we are referring to vice president nominee might dance breaking for trump has refused to endorse house speaker paul wright and his congressional race saying he's "not just not quite there yet just as ryan once said to mr. trump. but pence is there. >> i talk to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan, longtime friendship. he strongly encourage me to endorse paul ryan in next tuesday's primary and i'm pleased to do it. lou: who will be picking up the split with reagan white house director ed rollins and political commentator pat buchanan. there is considerable good news from the donald trump campaign. trump is close the fund-raising
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gap with clinton. trump is republican party's other fund-raising surged $80 million last month just $10 million short of clinton's 90 million. we will be talking about that and clinton cash. peters wiser weisser joins us and the father benghazi he wrote tyrone woods. clinton outright lied to him and should not be trusted. our top story tonight some troubling numbers for donald trump in the latest "fox news poll" in. 64% say hillary clinton has the right temperament to serve as president. just 37% say trump does. 72% say clinton has the knowledge to serve effectively, up 40% say the same for trump. breaking news tonight "the wall street journal" reporting senior justice department officials raised objections to sending in their craft loaded with $400 million in cash to iran on the very same day, the very same
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moment that iran released for detained americans. wooden pallets stacked with euros in swiss francs and other currency secretly flown into iran in january in what critics are now calling a ransom payment. the state department denies it was ransom even though the justice department raised objections for precisely that reason are the state department saying the funds related solely to the settlement of a long-standing claim over a failed 1979 arms deal. according to "the wall street journal" justice department objections to the payment were overruled by the state department. joining me now former reagan white house political director "fox news" contributor ed rollins. add this campaign takes twists and turns for the likes of which i have never seen and you have seen and run more than a few. what do you make of that? >> first of all the complication of the tubac to back conventions knocks out the traditional bump
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you would get. one is in july and one is in august and trump would gain momentum and he would build on that. unfortunately they are back-to-back here so she has gotten back or numbers but at the end of the day people still see here is dishonest and the issues are still there. this iran thing last night is another case where this administration is lying, lying, lying and i don't care who wants to say it was a payment we owed in 1969 he was a lyme. $400 million for hostages and they said we are not going to bail out hostages it's illegal and we did it. lou: and by the way asking the american people to suspend their judgment, their common sense, their reason and ignore the fact that money exchanged hands, money exchanged hands at precisely the same moment as the prisoners, the hostages were released.
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even by obama's standards and clinton standards, this is unbelievably, i just think completely bad. >> ordered also tells you so many lies within the iran deal which we will find that as time goes on what a bad deal at was. my sense is trump basically had to get on the offense. two weeks ago tomorrow night in his acceptance speech he's doubled the next day by going after the governor of ohio in ted cruz and the has been on the defense ever since. he now needs to take a week or two off and watch the olympics like everybody else in america is in welcome our victorious gold-medal winners and nothing is going to happen over the next two weeks of my senses i would plague often do whatever and get my campaign restructured get on the offense and get a campaign plan. lou: this is a woman who has a lifetime, a career of scandals
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and no singular achievement for all of that public service. how in the world, how in the world can he let her possess a 10-point lead? >> he will turn it around real quick. lou: how quickly can he do it? >> it's not tomorrow and it's not a week now. the month of august i said the other night the most difficult month of the campaign because people are distracted by the olympics and distracted with their kids in camping getting their kids back in school so the campaign doesn't begin in earnest until labor day in my sense it will close back up and will be at two be at two or three-point race and the question of execution. the issues are in his side. the country wants change, desperately wants change. he is viewed as the significant leader two weeks ago after his discipline speech with a teleprompter and he now has to make his attack or discipline. the problem is he gets off message and he has to get on message.
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the message is hillary clinton is a continuation of the obama administration. if you want change in washington vote for him. lou: she is a woman who has been involved in every disaster, almost every disaster of the obama administration foreign-policy. whether is egypt or whether it's serial. one in the world does she have to stand on issue present yourself to the american people? >> she knows she can't get their numbers down. when you have a 70% dishonesty number, they have to basically take trump down and fortunately for trump the whole term that you and i both know have to have rabbit ears. trump has rabbit ears. he racks to everything and he sits and watches tv. you have have to put ear plugs and get the blinders on and focus. lou: that's not too much in the way of equipment.
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i love it. ed is good enough to be with us throughout the early parts of the broadcast as we continue to explore what's going on with these presidential politics. we have a lot more to take up with ad. we will cover at albright here tonight. stay with us, we are coming right back. >> we have all heard of split tickets that this ticket is really split. trump's running mate might tend endorsing paul ryan. trump says he is not quite ready to do that. >> i strongly endorse his re-election. he's a longtime friend. he's a strong conservative leader or they believe they need paul ryan in leadership in the congress the united states. lou: what prince's and tours means for the election later "new york times" best-selling author peter peter switzer joins me peter switzer joints made and the skydiver having and historical twist to his next big stop. we have the stunning video for you and much more coming right up.
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. lou: the mainstream liberal media reporting the trump campaign and turmoil with establishment republican leaders and the national liberal media
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replacing him. donald trump himself assuring voters that he is still in charge. >> the campaign is doing really well. it has never been so well united we started on june 16. i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united than it has been since we began. lou: there we are and joining me now randy evans. he's a member member of the republican national committee rules committee a former senior adviser for the newt gingrich presidential campaign in 2012, former reagan white house political director ed rollins back with us as well and randy first of all good to see you and thank you. at this point, this looks like a broadside from all directions against donald trump. it was orchestrated as it can possibly be. the narratives are the same whether they are coming from the hillary camp or left-wing liberal media outlets or whether
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it's from the koch brothers or whomever you throw into the mix, the globalists, the left-wing journalists and it's against donald trump. >> that's right, that's what happens when you threaten institutional power. institutional power power colon assist in order to stop the change agent. notice lou how they completely ignore the fact that president obama said basically hillary clinton would be a continuation of its term where is bill clinton said she would be a change maker. is she a change maker or a continuation but nobody -- lou: she is for discussion of options is a point. >> what we learned from last night as they can deliver cash, 400 million overnight. i kept waiting for somebody to say danny glover coming out with diplomatic immunity. when you see that kind of cash in on mark cargo plane flying overnight.
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lou: there all sorts of people looking for an mark cargo planes if they are local airport today. >> the arms deal was with the shock. lou: tied up in the hag in international court for decades but it has to be resolved. >> the idea, 400 million i have great sympathy for anybody that's held hostage but they paid $150 million per hostage. think about that. lou: if you are the hostage. >> taxpayer dollars, what difference does it make? lou: the point that it is making is this country's policy has never been to pay ransom because when it does it puts the price automatically on every american's head whenever within the reach of terrorists and kidnappers. i'm sorry randy, go ahead.
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>> that's absolutely true unless you are in benghazi in which case we don't have the time or effort to send someone to try. to me the two worst facts that the democrats will ever have to face is that hillary clinton could look into the face of a mother and lie to her about the cause of the death of person in the second one was that we didn't even try. i cannot imagine america where, forget whether or not we could or could not have gotten there in time for to not even make the effort and simultaneously you are willing to send 400 million because you want your deals to go through? >> a bad deal too. lou: as trump says the worst deal in american history and to that end donald trump has hillary clinton on the run. she is not able to keep up with his physical pace on the campaign trail apparently because she is doing one organizing events and he is doing to campaign events and a
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rally in the speech. he hasn't seems begun to take advantage of his physical stamina, his positions and her failures as a candidate would hear. what does he have to do next to make that result move in the polls? >> the key thing is to get the message, here are the 45 things i want to do to run against her. and just stay right on her. when i was doing the campaign i had a plan for the week and every single day i would measure against the plan. the plan is against her. lou: this narrative that was spun, was it spun from the left this disgruntled republican establishment that there may be some discomfort with the nominee as if somebody was going to do something about it. i mean that was picked picked up
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by we'll tell you by several networks. i thought i was listening today, i mean it was incredible even by left-wing liberal standards through the degree to which they took that and rip the line right off taking it out to wherever they could take it. >> my sense is they are so desperate to avoid donald trump making real change in america that they will grasp at any straw, anything, any possible scenario. they will do whatever it takes because they realize that he's the president the gig is up. i agree with ed, for donald trump he has to focus, focus, focus because as long as this election is about hillary clinton's record and barack obama's record it's's record it's not going to be close. the only way, the only way in which they can win is to demonize donald trump and he's got to stop giving them ammo to do that.
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he has got to stop being a businessman and be a politician for just 90 days. it's really hard to do because businessmen want to focus on every problem. he hears everything and wants to respond to everything. ed is right, you have to be water off a ducks back, pick four or five things and that's all you go with for 90 days. >> is a wonderful word i learned a long time, it's called so. when somebody says something say so and move along. lou: i think about the days when a politician and businessman, they used to say. the reality is people used to say somebody is running for office. i think right now we are watching when it comes to certain politicians, i mean they are slithering or office, not running for office and that seems to be the hallmark of the time in which we live and that's unfortunate.
7:20 pm
>> it would nice to beasts -- see that change very quickly. >> the hardest part is businessman focus on results. they want to deliver jobs and they want to deliver payroll and they want to deliver product and the method is important where is politicians want to focus on process. they want to kiss babies and make everyone feel good that results don't matter and that's why it's such a hard crossover. i know it's a hard crossover for donald trump because he expects to perform at the highest level and deliver the best results and it ended that day is going to be about america is for results or whether we want process they keep the same old plants in action. >> politics is also about power. this is ailes battle for power notches here but in the world. lou: you are so right to whether it is charles and david koch, whether it's hillary clinton or whether it's paul ryan whomever, they are working on the same
7:21 pm
side of the divide and that is a divide between globalists and americans and everybody had better understand that as we move forward from this point. ed rollins thank you sir and randy avent thank you sir. breaking news the pentagon just announced 41 servicemembers have contracted the zika virus. that's more than double the 18 infected troops at the end of june. all of our troops contracted sea oversees are being treated at an undisclosed location or locations. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is do you believe donald trump's campaign team can adjust and adapt quickly enough to overcome hillary clinton's decided advantage in special-interest funding, mainstream media support and the resources of the white house? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. we would like to hear from you on this one in follow me on twitter@lou dobbs follow me on facebook an instagram.
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out -- @lou roll the video if you will. look at this. watch as a daredevil takes to the sky by way of the zero gravity cockpit injection -- ejection. the veteran skydiver firmly holding onto the top of the 65-year-old world war ii plane before he let go allowing his body to be blown through the sky he cleared the plane's tail with enough margin to suit me but it was no issue. he landed safely and had an amazing thrill. look at that. you've got to love that airplane. that is a cool airplane and a great stunt. up next donald trump lasting field obama district over that 400 million-dollar payment to iran that he says is a ransom for hostages. >> i see $400 million being
7:23 pm
shipped in cash and it's being shipped in different currencies and it's being shipped overnight to iran. $400 million. you know, we have a president who frankly isn't competent. lou: that's the subject of my commentary coming up next. we have a great more deal to cover. please stay with us. many people clean their dentures
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lou: a few thoughts now on the latest bombshell report involving the obama administration and its iran deal. the administration tonight is under some fire for airlifting some $400 million to iran back in january. at the very same moment for detained americans were released by tehran. they were hostages. "the wall street journal" reporting pallets stacked with
7:28 pm
euros swiss francs and other currencies were flown into iran on an unmarked cargo plane because you see american law for bids financial transactions with iran in any currency. in fact senior justice department officials even raised objections about the payment that they were overruled by the state department and using euros in swiss francs instead of american dollars somehow meant the spirit of the law intended to denying money of any kind to any iranians. the leading global state sponsor of terrorism. and so let's examine what is obvious and straightforward violation of our law and expedient in highly rationalized reversal of u.s. policy not to pay ransom to terrorists and kidnappers. the obama administration today denied that payment amounted to ransom saying it was part of the
7:29 pm
$1.7 million settlement the united states made with iran. it and a settlement without other impetus without obvious motivation to do so resolving a decades-old legal battle over her weapons agreement. state department spokesman john kirby today of course denied the $400 million in cash to iran was payment of ransom. kirby with a fairly straight face insisted the simultaneous payment of money and release of hostages was all just a big old coincidence. >> this was not ransom and any suggestion had anything to do with ransom is utterly false. these were two separate processes run by two separate teams. yes they were done simultaneously so i understand the coincidental nature of the timing but absolutely nothing to do with ransom. lou: did you see that man struggling with his conscience as he those words?
7:30 pm
that's very big nature to kirby to the knowledge that some might be forgiven for calling payment of ransom just a payment of ransom. such straightforward talk is -- in washington and we understand the spokesperson is uncomfortable or truth and we can also suppose it was mere coincidence coincidence as a game with a nuclear deal with iran was being formally implemented. a few days after the iranians released 10 of our sailors they capture. nevermind that at least two more americans have been detained by iran since then has concerns on the rise that the ransom payment to iran puts any american at risk wherever the iranians have influence and reach get president obama and hillary clinton during their speeches at the democratic national convention saying it was a great success while they are rainy and received $150 billion in the use of united states government at
7:31 pm
least for the next seven months for iranian public relations. not a bad trade, right? our quote of the evening. huxley said this, there are things known and there are things unknown in and between are the doors of perception and with this administration they are in between we have been spending a great deal of our time and not always very comfortably. we are coming right back. stay with us. >> donald trump is in the fight of his life against hillary clinton and the mainstream liberal media but also global islamist, lobbyist and now a rigged election. >> i'm very concerned and i hope the republicans are going to be very watchful and hope the authorities are going to be very watchful. >> pat you can enjoy its v-neck smile be talking with clinton cash author peter schweitzer. this fisherman about to really in a big catch in a remarkable
7:32 pm
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if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. lou: donald trump campaign chair today denied that he has lost control of the republican presidential nominee. >> the candidate is in control of his campaign. that's number one and i'm in control of doing the things he wants me to do in the campaign. the turmoil and this is an
7:36 pm
another clinton era that she put out there that the media is picking up on. in the last week we announced a record amount of money that we have raised in july. mr. trump is -- crowds overflowing in the streets of the campaign is in very good shape. lou: joining me to make sense of all of this pat buchanan senior adviser advisor to three presidents twice the candidate himself for the republican presidential nomination nationally syndicated columnist best-selling author. it's great to have you with us. somehow i have this much trouble imagining a campaign chairman being in charge of you as being in charge of donald trump. >> my sister was my campaign manager. lou: i remember that. >> we did take advice from her and this is what i would think. but, whoever has put out this word that all these folks are going to come in and intervene
7:37 pm
with donald trump are doing him no favors. no doubt do i think donald trump has been distracted by this diversion that has put on and stayed too long with it but look , look at the basics. you have hillary rodham clinton and you have 67% of the country doesn't trust her. you have 75% want change. trump clearly represents change. his crowds are as big as i have ever seen. just get the focus back on where it ought to be. lou: easier said than done because the national liberal media and 90% of the media is moving in lockstep with the directors director shown the dnc, from the hillary campaign and trump is outgunned by lobbyists, by islamists, by globalists, by the national media. he is fighting a full 360-degree campaign and he does himself no
7:38 pm
favors when he focuses on what diana west riding a sharia premises. the democrats put him out there but donald does not have to take the bait. >> there's no doubt about it the national press by and large the big media ever since nixon brought the whole issue to national attention they are overwhelmingly for hillary rodham clinton overwhelmingly for barack obama. they are new world order folks. what's trump's campaign threatens israeli regime change in washington d.c.. he will change everything so they are all in there but they have almost always had those folks. lou: and look what you have accomplished mr. trump 81 the republican republican nomination with the tremendous turnout, bigger than ever, more votes than ever seen. you have been running even with the candidate of the establishment hillary clinton
7:39 pm
and they are all behind. if you stay focused on those issues economic teacher to some economic nationalism secure the borders and you go after her come you have a fighting chance to be president of the united states. stick with it. lou: absolutely and he has put forward as he has on every instance on every issue he has mooted to the top of the agenda. he knows whatever he is going to talk about will be pushed forward for national discussion and he is the man making those choices. his fate and the fate of so many of his followers and supporters and this nation depend upon him making the correct choice about what he pushes forward. i loved the dichotomy that he is created and put straightforwardly, and that is the establishment versus the middle class. globalism versus americanism, america first. make america great again for all
7:40 pm
americans. i want to go out in march now. >> that's what brings these folks out. they have not heard this message before and that's why they come out despite the faults of the mistakes they are still there with him. i really think this country and take trump who dominated the republican primary, cruz and came in second in bernie sanders , all of them are against what is going on in washington. all of them want to overturn the establishment and despite all these forces, all the kings horses and all the kings men they can be overthrown this year if you keep your eyes on the prize. lou: pat, as always great to talk with you. thanks for being here. pat buchanan. roll the video now. watch as the maaco shark goes wild after being hooked by fishermen in san diego. there it went.
7:41 pm
there it is, there it is, it's back. a large shark leaps out of the water and impressive backflips just trying to free itself from the line. everything went black there but all is well that ends well. for everybody with a shark. donald trump says hillary clinton is bought and paid for. >> 20 people gave for $60 million in her fund, $60 million in 20 people. i'm going to get a list from 20 people. i know the game that are than anybody in the game is played that way. they own her, they own her. lou: clinton cash author peter schweitzer joins us next. stay with us. i have asthma...
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7:46 pm
battleground states. about 10,000 people are in attendance. he is talking about the iranian cash deal that we have been reporting on through out and i want to get to him but i want to remind everyone 10,000 people, just under 10,000 people in that arena and what we are watching and i'm just clinton said out loud, what we are watching here is trump lines of thousands of followers in their push to overflow and hillary clinton everywhere she has gone in this campaign over the course of time since the convention, hundreds of people in attendance for her events. i just had to get that out because that game is being played and played hard. let's listen to donald trump. [chanting] usa, usa, usa.
7:47 pm
>> by the way speaking of great people, speaking of our best people, we have a nice just visited with some incredible folks. i have no idea where they are sitting but i know they have a good location. some really amazing gold star families. where are they? where are they? incredible people. incredible people. lou: donald trump saluting gold star families. he is obviously paying deeper specs of those families because there has arisen as you know a
7:48 pm
clinton narrative he is not as respectful as some gold star families as he might have been. in this case, an attorney who has deep involvement with the law firm that is close to the clintons and who turns out to have been an advocate for sharia law and dina west's writing and bright park saying a sharia supremacists who decided to take on donald trump and criticize him from the democratic national convention. he is reciprocating respect for those folks who have sacrificed so much. joining us now peter switzer the present of the government accountability institute will be going back to donald trump as his words merit and peter is also the executive producer of clinton cash, which is based on
7:49 pm
his best-selling book and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen both of those, the book and the movie are terrific and worth your time. i couldn't recommend them to you too highly. they are absolutely a must see and a must. peter good to have you with us. >> thank you lou great to be on with you. lou: as you were watching these reports on the $400 million, excuse me 400 million-dollar equivalents in francs and euros and a few other equivalencies. this administration paid ransom to the iranians for hostages. how did you react as you watch that? >> well you know, shock but also kind of business as usual. i mean look they say it wasn't a ransom payment which leads me to wonder then why are you doing it hidden away in an unmarked plane with these foreign currencies? they were clearly trying to hide
7:50 pm
this financial transaction and the timing of it and it relates to the same thing with the clintons and the flow of the money to the clintons. it's about timing. if you are giving $400 million in the same day that hostages are being released you can call it whatever you want. it is a ransom payment. lou: almost the same moment we are talking about here. as we look at what is happening with russia now all of the suggestions that the russian hackers were responsible for revealing the dnc e-mails which expose the dnc in collusion with the clinton camp and subverting the will of millions of voters, voters who just happened to have voted for bernie sanders, russia keeps coming up and then we hear the suggestion from the camp and it becomes a liberal media narrative. wait a minute, maybe
7:51 pm
effectively, maybe trump is soft on russia. they see the relationship between clinton and russia that you exposed in the clinton global initiative, it's breathtaking to see the chutzpah of the left but certainly not in any way impeded. >> lou i think you are probably the same sim. anytime there's hacking taking place from a foreign power it's serious and it needs to be taken into but the idea that all the russian ties and all the russian favors are towards trump is simply not true and all you have to do is look at hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta who sat on a board of the company during the russian reset on the executive board and they received a billion rubles, $35 million from a russian government fund that is directed by vladimir putin.
7:52 pm
you look at the scope of the initiative involving all this money to the clinton foundation getting technologies from russia, the russians are going to play both sides. lou: i realize it's been an early report but what still fascinates me is the lack of mainstream media reporting on $145 billion that flowed to the clinton foundation and 20% of u.s.-iranian assets flowed to russian control. that oglesby or mines. >> it does. lou you remember the story came out, the new your times to pulitzer prize-winning investigative journalist today 4000 word peace confirming everything, the transfer uranium, the hidden contributions that the clintons disclose from the people involved. i would hazard to say that any
7:53 pm
politician in america that was subject to an investigative report on the front page of the times, 4000 words long are something of this magnitude would warrant serious questioning by the mainstream media and get hillary clinton has not been asked one question about it for all the debates and all the media sit-downs. it's really shocking. >> to that point it's been 230 days since she had a press conference so no wonder she hasn't answered the question in her flowing personal manner. peter is great to have you with us as always, peter switzer, clinton cash. you have got to see the movie. it's on breitbart, right peter? >> yeah that's right. lou: thank you peter. up next the father of slain benghazi hero tyrone woods joins me. charles woods joins us here next. your insurance company raises your rates...
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lou: on our poll question 8% said there isn't enough passion left in the republican voters to win back the presidential i. the father of tyrone woods, the navy seal killed in benghazi.
7:57 pm
what do you make of mrs. clinton that people have mayor mind because of the moment, and the confusion of the moment that they misremembered what she actually said? what your reaction to that? >> lou, thank you for having me on tonight. before i answer that question, there is something i would like to say. in a previous interview i acted in an inappropriate manner. i did call mrs. clinton a liar. that is not my job. my job is to present the facts. then to let the public synthesize those facts. so i will be more than glad to answer your question based on the facts within my knowledge. as far as memories are concerned. memories do tend to wane with the pass and of time. that'sy keep this book with me,en i have shown this to a lot of people. i joke that i keep my brains in
7:58 pm
my pocket. what i did is right afterwards i wrote down word for word. my memory is 100% at that point what was said and what she said to me was basically i put my arm around her, gave her a little bit of a hug which didn't make the secret service happy, and she told me that we are going to have the filmmaker arrested who is responsible for the death of your son. okay. let's look at the totality of the facts. she also made the statement apparently to other gold star family members as well. i never met pat smith until six months afterwards. she was in a different part of the building. apparently she made that same statement to pat smith and other gold star family members. she basically has said, i never blamed the video for the attack
7:59 pm
in benghazi. i never made that statement to the family members. however, 45 minute later, she was in front of a live audience standing in front of the caskets, and she made this statement. she said -- there she did blame the attack on the video. she said as i recall, these were her exact words. she said the rage directed towards the american consulate was a result of that awful video. so basically you can ally that fact. why would she say i didn't blame it on the video to the family members but then in front of millions of people she did blame it. i'll let people draw their conclusion. lou: that's why we wanted to have you here. and i wanted to say thank you on my be half for you having the
8:00 pm
guts too stand up and speak the truth it's a commodity and somewhat rare these days. we hope it will become more prevalent. charles woods, thank you for being with us. thank you all for being with us. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: first out of a cannon into your face. so glad you are here. hillary clinton has lost her mind. she is trying to make the economy a winning issue for her, but the problem is it sucks and it's probably her fault. the president is always trying to paint a rosie picture of economic success, but that's false and wrong. >> i just want to put indication that maybe a little light is striking this dark, dark mountain. but there is virtually nothing there.


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